Opening a connection to access database in c#

To create a connection between a database and the web application, the Open() method of the Connection class is called. It is used to open a connection to a data source with the property settings specified by

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the connection string.

string strConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;" + "Data Source=C:\\database\\Access\\w3mentor.accdb;"; accConnection = new OleDbConnection(strConnectionString); try { accConnection.Open(); } catch (OleDbException e) { MessageBox.Show("Access Error"); MessageBox.Show("Error Code = " + e.ErrorCode); MessageBox.Show("Error Message = " + e.Message); } catch (InvalidOperationException e) { MessageBox.Show("Invalid Message = " + e.Message); } if (accConnection.State != ConnectionState.Open) { MessageBox.Show("Database connection is Failed"); Application.Exit(); }

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