Multiple Select Projection with Index Values in C# LINQ

public List CustomerList; 
StringBuilder sbResult = new StringBuilder();
var query5 = CustomerList.Select((cust, index) => new {cust, index})
                                     .Where(c => c.cust.Country == "USA" && c.index > 70)
                                     .Select(c => new { c.cust.CustomerID, c.cust.CompanyName, c.index });
            // Demonstrates use of the Let keyword            
            query5 = from cust in CustomerList
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                     where cust.Country == "USA" &amp;&amp; index &gt; 70
                     select new { cust.CustomerID, cust.CompanyName, index };
            foreach (var c in query5)
                sbResult.Append(c.ToString() + "\r\n");

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