Create a countdown timer that counts back in Javascript

Div to show the countdown timer.

<div id="showRemain"></div>

Javascript code:

function countDown(){
 var timeA = new Date(); 
 var timeB = new Date("10/31/2000 03:04:05"); 
 var timeDifference = timeB-timeA;
  var wan=Math.floor(timeDifference/86400);
  var l_wan=timeDifference%86400;
  var hour=Math.floor(l_wan/3600);
  var l_hour=l_wan%3600;
  var minute=Math.floor(l_hour/60);
  var second=l_hour%60;
  var showPart=document.getElementById('showRemain');
  showPart.innerHTML=wan+" hour "+hour+" minute " +minute+" Second "+second+""; 
   if(wan==0 &amp;&amp; hour==0 &amp;&amp; minute==0 &amp;&amp; second==0){
var iCountDown=setInterval("countDown()",1000);
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