Parsing XML with XML::Simple in Perl

XML::Simple is an example of a tree-based XML parser, which is, well, simpler to use than other XML parsers. XML::Simple has just two subroutines: XMLin() and XMLout(). XMLin() is used to read an XML structure into an in-memory hash. The source of this XML is usually a string or file. From the XMLin() subroutine comes a reference to a hash. XMLout() creates XML when passed a reference to a hash that contains an encoded document. Input XML:

    mani reddy 3/10   deva chauhan 4/15

Parsing the XML:

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 #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use XML::Simple; my $xml = XMLin('./input.xml',forcearray => 1); foreach my $customer (@{$xml->{customer}}) { print "Name: $customer->{first_name}->[0] "; print "$customer->{last_name}->[0]\n"; print "Birthday: $customer->{dob}->[0]\n"; print "E-mail Address: $customer->{email}->[0]\n"; }


Name: mani reddy Birthday: 3/10 E-mail Address: Name: deva chauhan Birthday: 4/15 E-mail Address:

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