Twitter_oauth class in codeigniter

The following code loads the oAuth library and sets up a set of variables for us to store certain information in.

require_once(APPPATH.'libraries/twitter/OAuth.php') ;
class Twitter_oauth
  var $consumer;
  var $token;
  var $method;
  var $http_status;
  var $last_api_call;

$consumer— it is used to store the credentials for our application keys and the user tokens.
$token— this is used to store the user credentials. A new instance of the oAuth class OAuthConsumer is created and stored in this variable.
$method— this is used to store the oAuth Signature Method (the way we sign our oAuth calls).
$http_status and $last_api_call, are used to store the last HTTP Status Code and the URL of the last API call, respectively. These two variables are used solely for debugging purposes.

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