PHP Preg_Match_All() Function Matches All Occurrences Of Pattern In String. – String Function

Its syntax: int preg_match_all (string pattern, string string, array pattern_array [, int order])There are two possible types of order:PREG_PATTERN_ORDER is the default.
PREG_PATTERN_ORDER: $pattern_array[0] is an array of all complete pattern matches, $pattern_array[1] is an array of all strings matching the first parenthesized regexp, and so on.
PREG_SET_ORDER: $pattern_array[0] contains elements matched by the first parenthesized regexp, $pattern_array[1] contains elements matched by the second parenthesized regexp, and so on.<?
$userinfo = "Name: <b>R</b> <br /> Title: <b>PHP</b>";
preg_match_all ("/<b>(.*)<\/b>/U", $userinfo, $pat_array);
print $pat_array[0][0]." <br /> ".$pat_array[0][1]."\n";

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