PHP Using Preg_Replace_Callback() To Replace Patterns – String Function

preg_replace_callback() allows you to assign a callback function.
preg_replace_callback() requires a regular expression,
                                 a reference to a callback function,
                                 and the string to be analyzed. <?
function convDate( $matches ) {
  $year = ($year < 70 )?$matches[3]+2000:$matches[3];
  $time = ( mktime( 0,0,0,$matches[1],$matches[2],$matches[3]) );
  return date("l d F Y", $time);
}$dates = "3/18/03<br />\n7/22/04";
$dates = preg_replace_callback( "/([0-9]+)\/([0-9]+)\/([0-9]+)/","convDate", $dates);
print $dates;

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