Common template tags in wordpress

the_permalink() — Displays the URL of your post.
the_title() — Displays the title of the post.
the_ID() — Displays the unique ID of your post.
the_content() — Displays the full content of your post.
the_excerpt() — Displays the excerpt of your post. If the Excerpt field is filled out on the Post edit screen, that will be used. If not, WordPress will auto-generate a short excerpt from your post content.
the_time() — Displays the date/time your post was published.
the_author() — Displays the author of the post.
the_tags() — Displays the tags attached to the post.
the_category() — Displays the categories assigned to the post.
edit_post_link() — Displays an edit link that is shown only if you are logged in and allowed to edit the post.
comments_popup_link() — Displays a link to the comments form of your post.

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