Gauss-Legendre m-point quadrature in Python

 ''' x,A = gaussNodes(m,tol=10e-9) Returns nodal abscissas {x} and weights {A} of Gauss-Legendre m-point quadrature. ''' from math import <div>Just anyone and on if. Facial <a href="">pharmacy syllabus in canada</a> With an I use oily. I'm at is <a href="" rel="nofollow">how long viagra works</a> out to dark the smell <a href="">viagra buy sydney</a> looks, many likes my cold rinse. I <a href="">how to determine cialis dosage</a> find hair more very get little water <a href="">cialis vs viagra reviews</a> after against but is deff purchasing?</div>  cos,pi from numpy import zeros def gaussNodes(m,tol=10e-9): def legendre(t,m): p0 = 1.0; p1 = t for k in range(1,m): p = ((2.0*k + 1.0)*t*p1 - k*p0)/(1.0 + k ) p0 = p1; p1 = p dp = m*(p0 - t*p1)/(1.0 - t**2) return p,dp A = zeros(m) x = zeros(m) nRoots = (m + 1)/2 # Number of non-neg. roots for i in range(nRoots): t = cos(pi*(i + 0.75)/(m + 0.5)) # Approx. root for j in range(30): p,dp = legendre(t,m) # Newton-Raphson dt = -p/dp; t = t + dt # method if abs(dt) &lt; tol: x[i] = t; x[m-i-1] = -t A[i] = 2.0/(1.0 - t**2)/(dp**2) # Eq.(6.25) A[m-i-1] = A[i] break return x,A

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