Python program to evaluate a polynomial with its derivatives

## module evalPoly
''' p,dp,ddp = evalPoly(a,x).
    Evaluates the polynomial
    p = a[0] + a[1]*x + a[2]*x^2 +...+ a[n]*x^n
    with its derivatives dp = p' and ddp = p"
    at x.
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def evalPoly(a,x):  
    n = len(a) - 1
    p = a[n]
    dp = 0.0 + 0.0j
    ddp = 0.0 + 0.0j
    for i in range(1,n+1):
        ddp = ddp*x + 2.0*dp
        dp = dp*x + p
        p = p*x + a[n-i]
    return p,dp,ddp

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